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We are excited that you will be exploring our website.  This site was created by four nurse midwifery students from the University of Cincinnati. We developed this site so that parents and families can know what to expect when the baby arrives.

We have provided evidence based information on this website.  There are various links and handouts on mother and baby care with logs to keep track of the baby’s feedings, temperature, color, breathing and diapers. There are videos and other educational website links that we hope you will explore.

There is information about baby care, breastfeeding, and normal newborn behavior.  There is also information concerning the normal recovery postpartum and the appropriate steps in caring for your body after delivering your baby. Our hope is that you will know when to notify your midwife or health care provider if things don’t seem to be normal or are not going well. 

We also encourage you to explore the tab under postpartum depression so that you will be aware of normal postpartum emotions and the signs and symptom of postpartum depression should that occur.

Please enjoy exploring the website and our goal for you is to gain the knowledge you need to feel informed and confident to care for your new baby, breastfeed successfully, and understand the normal course of the postpartum period for a new mother.

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