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Is Going Well If ...
Sleepy Baby


Scheduling Feedings
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Breast Care

Breastfeeding is Going WELL if . . .

  • Your baby is nursing 8-12 times in 24 hours
  • You should hear gulping and swallowing some at each feeding
  • Your baby is having the following wet/dirty diapers:     
    • 1st Day   1-2 wet   1 dirty-meconium (dark green/black and like tar)
    • 2nd Day  2-3 wet   2 dirty-meconium
    • 3rd Day   3-4 wet   3 dirty-green       .
    • 4th Day   4-5 wet   3+ green/yellow   .
    • 5th Day   5-6+ wet 3-4+ yellow and seedy (may be very loose which is normal)   
  • Your baby should be back to birth weight by 2 weeks and gaining 4-8 oz per week for the first few months

Let your baby finish on one side then offer the other. You know that the baby is finished when they stop nursing with good tugs or they sleep at the breast after doing good tugs and swallowing is heard. 

Watch your baby, not the clock.  The baby may cluster feed with several times on each breast or very little time between feedings. 

Get a weight check with your health care provider if you have any concerns your baby is not feeding well.  The bottom line is weight gain.

Get some help if…

  • Breastfeeding hurts
  • Sore/cracked nipples
  • Unable to get baby latched
  • Baby has fewer diapers than the previous chart shows
  • Baby falls asleep after nursing only a few minutes
  • Baby sleeps for more than 4-5 hours once a day
  • Your baby is not content between feedings, cries a lot
  • Your baby is not gaining wt.
  • Your baby is premature
  • You or your baby have health conditions which make breast    feeding more difficult
  • Your Dr. takes the baby off of breastfeeding for any reason
  • Nursing just isn’t going well