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Breast Care

Breast Care While Breastfeeding

Breast fullnes

  • Breast fullnes happens to many moms when the milk comes in around day 3, 4 or 5. The breasts can feel lumpy and full.
  • The best plan is to nurse very often (every 1 ½- 2 hours)  and offer no supplements of formula. 
  • Breasts can become full if you go a little longer than usual or the baby sleeps beyond the usual feeding times.
  • Massage your breast prior to latching the baby and some breast compression may help on areas that feel extra full.  Avoid pumping too many times a day as this will build your supply but if you have engorgement see the below advice

Engorgement - Get some lactation help!

  • Extreme Engorgement is very painful and the breast are hard and reddened usually.  The baby has trouble latching on. 
  • Engorement is usually due to missed feedings or initiating breast feeding later than the first day.  It can also occur with abrupt weaning. This is a serious condition and can reduce your milk supply and you will dry up if allowed to continue without emptying the breasts.
  • It is imperative that the milk begins to flow out.
  • Massage the breast then try hand expressing or using a pump for a few minutes to get the nipple pulled out and the milk flowing, then latch the baby.
  • If the milk won’t flow out have someone give you a shoulder massage and try to relax.  There are accupressure points around the shoulder muscles that help with let down.
  • Feed often, every 1 ½ to 2 hours round the clock until the breast become softer.
  • If you have a pump, sometimes one good emptying can make a difference. Get lactation help! You may need to pump more often.
  • With extreme engorement you may need to put cold on the breast after feedings. Avoid heat if you are not leaking as this brings more blood flow to the area.
  • Cabbage leaves (dark green leaves) that are pounded to release the moisture may be placed on the breasts twice a day after a feeding and worn until the next feeding.  Do this only for 2 days.

Plugged Ducts

Happen when an area or quadrant of the breast become plugged and the milk does not flow out.  There will be a painful hard lump or area of the breasts.

Try these three things:

  • Massage the area
  • Heat before and after a feeding for 20 minutes(make a rice sock by putting rice in a small sock and heating in microwave for a few seconds, tie it off) A warm shower may release the plugged area
  • Nurse the baby often and point the nose or chin toward the plug

Mastitis- Call your health care provider!

Plugged ducts can turn into a breast infection which is characterized by a hard, red, and painful area.  A high temperature of greater than 100.4 F and flu like symptoms are common.

Antibiotics are usually necessary to clear the infection up

Keep nursing!  The tissue is infected not the milk.  If the baby refuses the infected side then pump that side often and combine with

  • Massage
  • Heat
  • Emptying
  • Go to bed and stay there until you are afebrile

It is imperative that you do not stop emptying the breast as this can lead to an abscess

A breast infection can happen when you go longer than necessary emptying your breast.  If you are doing too much or your immune system is compromised you are more susceptible to a breast infection.